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  JavaScript JVM runs Java

The world of software is made slightly crazy because of the huge flexibility within any computer language. Once you have absorbed the idea of a compiler written in the language it compiles what else is there left to gawp at? But... a Java Virtual Machine JVM written in JavaScript seems like another level of insanity.In fact it is a quite reasonable idea which is only made mad by the usual positions that Java, the top dog, and JavaScript the underling, usually occupy. Java is compiled not to mach...

   JavaScript,JVM,BicaVM,Cross platform,JavaScript written JVM     2011-11-22 02:51:38

  The craziest Javascript implementations

Since its birth in 1994, Javascript has come a long way. Today it’s one of the most popular programming languages on the web because of high popularity of AJAX based web-applications. Also the rise of micro-frameworks such as jQuery (also Prototype, Moo Tools etc) which have reduced dramatically the complexity of code developers needed to write, it is well tested, has a ton of plug-ins, has a large development community and reduced development time.And lately even Server-Side J...

   JavaScript,Crazy implementation,JVM,Turing machine     2012-01-03 12:09:42