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  strange thing in PHP session variable and local variable

A few minutes ago, I noticed one strange thing when I did my PHP web application development.The situation is described below:I want to display a user's profile using a query parameter user=user_id as the parameter. And also the session variable when user logs in  is $_SESSION["user"].So before displaying the user's profile, I need to either get the query string parameter user and create a local variable called $user and assign value to it as $user=$_REQUEST["user"].Here comes the strange t...

   PHP,session,variable name,change automat     2011-06-13 12:23:59

  Automatically Updating Charts for Additional Data in Excel

Excel shines at turning your data into charts—graphical representations of your data. You can easily create a chart based on a range of data in a worksheet. Normally, if you add additional data to your range, you will need to once again create the chart or at best change the range of cells on which the chart is based. If you get tired of modifying charts to refer to new data ranges, there are a couple of shortcuts you can try out. The first shortcut works fine if you simply need to "fin...

   Excel,Graph,Auto update,New data,Automat     2011-08-13 04:36:53