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  Mac evolution history

Apple's WWDC is coming in a few hours. All Apple fans are expecting that Apple will release some new amazing Apple products. This year, what are we expecting? The result will be revealed in just a few hours. Before that, we can look back about the history of some Apple products such as Mac. Below is the Mac evolution history summarized by We can take a few minutes to go through it. Reference :

   Apple,WWDC,Mac,History     2013-06-10 09:17:17

  Guide for installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows

Have you ever tried to have two OSs installed on your PC? Do you want to try out the new Ubuntu system? If you do want to use Ubuntu when at the same time you are using Windows, you may want to install your Ubuntu in an VirtualBox. In this post, we will show you how to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows. Pre-requisites VirtualBox -- You can download it from Oracle. Ubuntu -- You can download it from here. Please note it should be an ISO file The Ubuntu used in this post is Ubuntu 12.04 LT...

   Ubuntu,Windows,VirtualBox     2014-01-15 03:21:05

  What was the Internet like in 1995?

The Internet evolves very fast since its birth. In 1995, a TV program called Computer Chronicles made an episode about new technology "The Internet". Now let's check out what the Internet looks like in 1995 through some video screenshots. First the host Stewart Cheifet appeared in the video where he was in a network cafe. There you can meet the real people and virtual person. That's a good thing. The first guide of us is the technology journalist from New York Times John Markoff. He said his f...

   Internet,History,1995,Computer Chronicles     2013-04-10 06:30:28

  Shortcut keys in Sublime Text 3(Animated demo)

Sublime Text 3 is a light weight code editor which supports lots of languages. It has lots of shortcuts and plugins easing work of programmers. In this post, we will introduce some shortcuts supported in Sublime Text 3 and show how powerful they are. 1. Select sibling matching(equal) word (Ctrl + D) Put the cursor on one word, press Ctrl + D to select the word, then press Ctrl and following by pressing D, it will select next matching word. The number of Ds pressed will mean number of matching wo...

   TIPS,SHORTCUT KEY,SUBLIME TEXT     2016-04-28 02:41:28

  Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with cancer

Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with lymph cancer. He posted one weibo(Chinese version of Tweet) which indicates that his health in a bad condition at 10:17pm on 5 September Beijing time.   Later Innovation Works spokesman Zhaohui Wang confirmed this news. And Mr Lee is currently receiving treatment following doctor's instructions. But now we still don't know how severe it is. Post Mr Lee's weibo, many Chinese netizens expressed their concerns for his health and wished hi...

   Kai-Fu Lee,Cancer,Innovation works     2013-09-05 10:57:39

  What do people think about IE?

Browser war among major browsers is continuing for a long time since last century. Just a few years ago, Internet Explorer was the most used web browser. But now the situation is completely different, people are making fun of Internet Explorer and switching to other browsers. Today we share some jokes about Internet Explorer, it's just for fun, so grab a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy. Hmm, is IE so slow? What gun is it? Hmm, I am still one step behind And I am lost. Hey, what is HTML...

   IE,Joke,Chrome     2013-07-31 08:25:24

  A tour to Tumblr's office

This week Yahoo has made a deal with Tumblr that Yahoo would acquire Tumblr with $1.1 billion. The reason why Yahoo wants to acquire Tumblr is still not so clear. It may be because they don't want to miss the chance again after they missed the chance to acquire Facebook. But anyway, let's take a tour to the office environment of Tumblr. The big logo after entering the door. The office building in Tumblr has two floors. Most people are working on the first floor. Cute decorations Technical t...

   Tumblr,Office,Tour     2013-05-22 12:25:32

  If we use programming language names as building names

Today I came across some interesting building names while wandering around technology park of Singapore. Most of these names are biotech related. They are Chromos,  Centros, Matrix, Genome, Proteos, Nanos, Helios, Neuros, Immunos, Synapse and Amnios. Chromos Centros Matrix Genome Proteos Nanos Helios Neuros Immunos Synapse Amnios I am wondering whether there are building which are named with programming language names. Do you see anyone of them anywhere?...

   Buidling name,Programming language     2013-08-16 06:02:26

  User experience : Exception handling

Exception handling is the process of handling emergencies or unpredictable operational errors. The specific time of the occurrence of unexpected events and the actual consequences of the specific situation are difficult to predict. How to handle this unexpected crisis is also related to the user experience of your users. Let's first look at how some famous products deal with unexpected exception encountered by users:1. Goodyear tires can automatically expand when leaking.Tire blast is one of the...

   User experience,Exception handling     2013-04-06 05:05:04

  Early homepages of some famous websites

Are you curious about what are their early homepages like for some famous IT companies? Let's take a look at them now. 1. Google This page was relative concise at that time. The current Google homepage is more concise. 2. Facebook It went online on 4th Feb, 2004. This was its homepage in 2004 3. YouTube It went online on 15th Feb, 2005. Until 22nd April, the first video clip was uploaded. 4. Wikipedia It emphasizes on free content and collaborative editing. It also supports many languages. 5...

   Homepage,website,History,Google,Facebook     2015-07-23 11:34:18