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  AOL is the biggest winner of Internet Stocks in 2012

At the beginning of 2012, not many people would think that the best Internet stock is AOL(American Online) in 2012. But now there are only four trading days left in 2012, AOL leads the mainstream technology companies with a 99.8% increase in its share price and firmly sits on the throne of the Year Internet Stock. AllthingsD chooses ten technology companies and their stock market performance in 2012 to do a comparison and gets the above figure. AOL has a 99.8% increase in share price which is a...

   AOL,Stock market     2012-12-27 11:29:17

  Failed merge and acquisition cases in the Internet history

Bebo founder sold Bebo with 850 million US dollars in 2008, but later he bought it back with just 1 million US dollars. This news lets us think about those failed merge and acquisition cases in Internet history. Let's summarize some of them here. 1. Bebo Buyer : AOL Acquisition price : 650 million US dollars Sold price : 1 million US dollars Loss: 849 million US dollars In 2008, AOL was still belong to Time Warner. It made a decision to acquire the third largest social networking site Bebo, The...

   Merge and acquisition,Loss,MySpace     2013-07-03 08:37:13

  Steve Jobs attacks Android just for show?

Steve Jobs has a famous statement which says Android is a stolen product. What does Google CEO Larry Page think about this statement? Recently, Page said in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek that Apple hates Android just for show. He believes people should not look only to the competitions, but should focus on the potential cooperation opportunities to make the world better.The following is overview of the interview:Q: When you took over as CEO, one of your goals was to take the cle...

   Steve Jobs,Android,Larry Page     2012-04-08 08:30:33

  Disgusting programming language list

To avoid arguments among different programming languages, this ranking only covers the opinions from programmers with multi-language experience. Also it doesn't mean the language is not good if the language is on the list, it just means those developers don't like some features of the language. Below ranking is summarized from Quora、Stack Overflow and Hacker News. 10. Python Reason : It uses code indent to define block level scope, why not use curly braces? It also uses massive colons and unde...

   Programming language rank     2013-09-27 09:53:39

  Roundup on Parallel Connections

A lot of blogging and follow-up discussion ensued with the announcement that IE8 supports six connections per host. The blogs I saw: IE8: The Performance Implications IE8 speeds things up IE8: 6 Connections Per Host IE 8 and Performance Testing IE8.s Connection Parallelism IE 8 Connection Parallelism Issues It’s likely that Firefox 3 will support 6 connections per server in an upcoming beta release, which means more discussion is expected. I wanted to pull all the facts into one place and mak...

   Browser,Concurrent connection,Persistent     2011-09-05 01:51:44

  Top 25 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for 2016

There are nearby 30 thousand WordPress plug-ins available in the market. But you must know the plug-ins, that are worthy for you according to your business & requirements. Here is the list of top 25 WordPress plug-ins according to me & my team that may helpful for you.   1. WordPress SEO by Yoast - Best SEO plugin:   Yoast SEO, previously known as a WordPress SEO by Yoast, specially used to boost search engine traffic on your WordPress website. Just install this plug-in and be...