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  New Android simulator has some big improvements

Message from the Android developer blog, the Android emulator now has a number of improvements and optimizations. It allows developers to develop applications more conveniently.The Android emulator is an important tool for Android developers developing and testing applications. Due to the rapid growth of Android hardware, the simulator has been slightly left behind. The new simulator brings some new functions including support for GPU, the CPU acceleration sensor support, multi-touch input suppo...

   Android, Simulator,GPU,OpenGL     2012-04-10 13:02:31

  Which one cost more in development : Android vs iOS

As for which platform has more development cost, there are many different views. Using Android we no need to spend money on an expensive Mac computer, iOS test machine and $99 year fee for each developer account. While developing iOS apps does not require much testing, screen adaption, debug and script compatibility considerations. Let's see a few views shared by some developers. Nan Li, ERP/SAP/Mobile network/Japan/Apple/KKK@ifanr Because of the performance of iOS, it actually has domina...

   Android,iOS,Development cost,Comparison     2012-03-23 13:39:48

  A turing machine in 133 bytes of javascript

Multiply turing machine The fact it took me 20 lines of javascript to implement a nondeterministic turing machine simulatorlast week kept me up at night. All weekend. Too much code for something so simple and I kept having this gut feeling implementing a basic version shouldn’t take more than 140 bytes. Sunday afternoon I sat down for about an hour,...

   Turing machine,JavaScript,Simple code     2011-11-28 09:27:28

  Android create button tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you already have an activity and are using an XML layout. Open the layout XML and add the button element.  Assign an ID with the “@+id” operator.  The + tells Android to generate an ID for this element so that you can reference it in your Java files. This is an example. Your layout and text elements will probably be very different. In this example case, the ID of the button is “close”. <Button android:id="@+id/close" android:lay...

   Android,Simulator,Button,XML,Tutorial     2014-11-07 08:30:10

  The craziest Javascript implementations

Since its birth in 1994, Javascript has come a long way. Today it’s one of the most popular programming languages on the web because of high popularity of AJAX based web-applications. Also the rise of micro-frameworks such as jQuery (also Prototype, Moo Tools etc) which have reduced dramatically the complexity of code developers needed to write, it is well tested, has a ton of plug-ins, has a large development community and reduced development time.And lately even Server-Side J...

   JavaScript,Crazy implementation,JVM,Turing machine     2012-01-03 12:09:42

  File System vs Core Data: the image cache test

Code for this project is on GitHub While doing a full re-write of Droplr's iOS app for the 2.0 launch, I couldn't find any good file/image caches out there had a particular feature I really wanted: extending item expiration whenever it's touched. I set out to write my own — which wasn't that much of a challenge — but somewhere along the process I had this crazy idea that perhaps (SQLite-backed) Core Data would be a much better tool for the job: No mismatch between cache index file and a...

   File system.Image cache,Multimedia     2012-02-01 08:52:02