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  A simple tutorial on writing Java native program

Java provides Java Native Interface(JNI) to enable developers to write programs which can utilize the underlying native libraries of the operating system. The benefits of writing native code are that they normally provide better performance compared to Java codes. Sometimes if you want to utilize some system specific functions you may also want to use JNI. One main drawback of writing native code is that your application may not be platform independent anymore. This is not what Java is desi...

   Java native interface, JNI, Native code, Sample     2015-08-15 08:28:15

  JavaScript JVM runs Java

The world of software is made slightly crazy because of the huge flexibility within any computer language. Once you have absorbed the idea of a compiler written in the language it compiles what else is there left to gawp at? But... a Java Virtual Machine JVM written in JavaScript seems like another level of insanity.In fact it is a quite reasonable idea which is only made mad by the usual positions that Java, the top dog, and JavaScript the underling, usually occupy. Java is compiled not to mach...

   JavaScript,JVM,BicaVM,Cross platform,JavaScript written JVM     2011-11-22 02:51:38

  Different ways to print "Hello world" in Java

This post is not about best practice to print "Hello world" in Java, it is about exploring different capabilities offered by Java. Also there are articles about printing "Hello world" in different programming languages, but this post is not about that. Standard literal The most commonly used way is to use System.out to print"Hello world". System.out.println("Hello world"); Enumeration An enumeration can define a set of values belonging to one category. For example, an enumeration for all months ...

   JAVA,FEATURE     2016-05-21 21:49:48

  Taking C Seriously

Dennis Ritchie, a co-creator of Unix and C, passed away a few weeks ago, and was honored with many online tributes this weekend for a Dennis Ritchie Day advocated by Tim O’Reilly.It should hardly be necessary to state the importance of Ritchie’s work. C is the #2 language in use today according to the TIOBE rankings (which, while criticized in some quarters, are at least the best system we currently have for gauging such things). In fact, TIOBE’s preface to the Oct...

   C,Efficiency,Memorization,Dennis Ritchie     2011-11-03 13:42:14