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  CSS Rounded Corners In All Browsers (With No Images)

In the past two years, increased browser support has transformed CSS3 from a fringe activity for Safari geeks to a viable option for enterprise level websites. While cross-browser support is often too weak for CSS3 to hold up a site’s main design, front-end developers commonly look to CSS3 solutions for progressive enhancement in their sites. For instance, a developer might add a drop-shadow in Firefox, Safari and Chrome using -moz-box-shadow and -webkit-box-shadow, and then be ...

   CSS,Rounded corner,No image,IE,Chrome,Fi     2011-06-30 22:50:34

  How I Learned to Program Computers

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, especially after I built YouTube Instant. So, here’s the answer, once and for all, for those who are interested.In short:I learned how to program by building lots of websites.The full story:I learned how to program by working on lots of different website projects starting from a pretty young age. What follows is a full account of all the major websites I’ve built, back to the very first site I made when I was 11 years old. What I hope the re...

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  C Macro Tips and Tricks

Preprocessor vs Compiler To properly understand C macros, you must understand how a C program is compiled. In particular, you must understand the different things that happen in the preprocessor and in the compiler. The preprocessor runs first, as the name implies. It performs some simple textual manipulations, such as: Stripping comments. Resolving #include directives and replacing them with the contents of the included file. Evaluating #if and #ifdef directives. Evaluating #defin...

   C,Macro,Preprocessor,Trick     2012-05-01 06:49:05

  Why Software Projects are Terrible and How Not To Fix Them

If you are a good developer and you’ve worked in bad organizations, you often have ideas to improve the process.  The famous Joel Test is a collection of 12 such ideas.  Some of these ideas have universal acceptance within the software industry (say, using source control), while others might be slightly more controversial (TDD).  But for any particular methodology, whether it is universally accepted or only “mostly” accepted, there are a multitude of organizations ...

   Software,Development,Debug,Design     2011-11-21 10:27:05

  TIOBE: PHP is coming back

TIOBE released the programming language index for July 2013. The highlight of this month is that PHP is coming back. It ranks the fifth and has an increase of 1.54% compared to January. There are no changes in the ranking for the top 4 languages. The reason why PHP is back may be attributed to the new PHP Zend Framework that was released in September 2012, but this reason is not very convincing. PositionJul 2013PositionJul 2012Delta in PositionProgramming LanguageRatingsJul 2013Delta Jul...

   TIOBE,PHP,Zend framework,July     2013-07-09 05:22:50

  Top 25 Must Have Wordpress Plugins for 2016

There are nearby 30 thousand WordPress plug-ins available in the market. But you must know the plug-ins, that are worthy for you according to your business & requirements. Here is the list of top 25 WordPress plug-ins according to me & my team that may helpful for you.   1. WordPress SEO by Yoast - Best SEO plugin:   Yoast SEO, previously known as a WordPress SEO by Yoast, specially used to boost search engine traffic on your WordPress website. Just install this plug-in and be...


  Php Class to Retrieve Alexa Rank

Alexa is a service acquired by Amazon which offers a web traffic report for websites. They retrieve the data from toolbar that can be installed in different browsers, centralize the data and display reports to anyone. The most important indicator is the Alexa Rank. It represents the rank of a webpage in a list of all the websites. It’s not the 100% accurate but it gives a good indication.Alexa does not offer any free API to obtain Alexa Rank. However there is a simple method to obtain it in th...

   PHP,Alexa,Alexa rank,API,Retrieve Alexa rank     2011-10-25 11:28:55

  Microsoft is transforming XBox into a PC controlled by expressions

According to the Voice of China "News Coverage" report. When Apple products are changing  the world, the original computer giant Microsoft is also quietly looking for their new foothold in the field of electronics. This time the breakthrough is from its game console Xbox.Xbox was originally a single function console, there are signs that Microsoft may be planning for the Xbox into the computer with new functions. The selling point of this new product lies in its function of communic...

   Microsoft,XBox,New PC,China     2012-04-01 06:57:04

  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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  10 super useful PHP snippets you probably haven’t seen

When working with PHP, it is very useful to have a “toolbox” of handy functions and code snippets that can save lots of time when needed. Today, I’m going to show you 10 super useful code snippets that you probably never heard of. Text messaging with PHP using the TextMagic API If for some reason, you need to send text messages to your clients cell phones, you should definitely have a look to TextMagic. They provide an easy API which allow you to send SMS to cell phones. Plea...

   PHP,Code,Snippet,Useful code segment     2012-01-19 11:07:16