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  Why I left Google

Ok, I relent. Everyone wants to know why I left and answering individually isn’t scaling so here it is, laid out in its long form. Read a little (I get to the punch line in the 3rd paragraph) or read it all. But a warning in advance: there is no drama here, no tell-all, no former colleagues bashed and nothing more than you couldn’t already surmise from what’s happening in the press these days surrounding Google and its attitudes toward user privacy and software developers. This is s...

   James Whittaker,Google,Leave,Microsoft,Ad     2012-03-14 13:43:44

  The Go Programming Language Turns Two

Two years ago a small team at Google went public with their fledgling project - the Go Programming Language. They presented a language spec, two compilers, a modest standard library, some novel tools, and plenty of accurate (albeit succinct) documentation. They watched with excitement as programmers around the world began to play with Go. The team continued to iterate and improve on what they had built, and were gradually joined by dozens - and then hundreds - of programmers from the open source...

   Go,Google,Evolution,Development     2011-11-11 02:40:55

  Tips and tricks about JavaScript from Google

JavaScript is now a very popular client side language. It's flexible, powerful but easy to make mistakes. So good programming style is better for you to write efficient and readable JavaScript codes. Here are some tips and tricks about JavaScript from Google. True and False Boolean Expressions The following are all false in boolean expressions: null undefined '' the empty string 0 the number But be careful, because these are all true: '0' the string [] the empty array {}&n...

   JavaScript, Google, Coding standard     2013-02-26 23:11:03

  Samsung will build its own mobile browser

According to the Korean IT News, Samsung is developing its own brand mobile browser based on WebKit, make its the default browser for future Gaxlaxy products.Samsung has posted recruitment advertisements for recruiting Webkit developers in its Advanced Software Platform Lab located in the Silicon Valley. Webkit is an open-source browser engine, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are based on this open source engine.For many users, the phone's built-in default browser is still the most used, so S...

   Samsung,Browser,Webkit     2012-09-24 22:32:00

  Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with cancer

Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with lymph cancer. He posted one weibo(Chinese version of Tweet) which indicates that his health in a bad condition at 10:17pm on 5 September Beijing time.   Later Innovation Works spokesman Zhaohui Wang confirmed this news. And Mr Lee is currently receiving treatment following doctor's instructions. But now we still don't know how severe it is. Post Mr Lee's weibo, many Chinese netizens expressed their concerns for his health and wished hi...

   Kai-Fu Lee,Cancer,Innovation works     2013-09-05 10:57:39

  Websites Android developers must bookmark

Android now is an extremely popular mobile OS on the planet. This small robot creates a big world. Many developers are also devoting themselves to Android development. For both novices and experts, you all need to keep your skills updated and know what's happening in Android community. So we recommend some websites which you should bookmark. News Android People : Very interesting and most updated Android Weekly : Newsletters specially for Android developers Android and me PHAndroid Blogs Android...

   Android development,Resource     2013-07-23 20:45:28

  Why do business analysts and project managers get higher salaries than programmers?

People get paid less than their employers' "reservation price" (the most they would ever pay), and more than their "marginal product" (the least they would ever work for). Your actual pay on that spectrum is based on your bargaining power, relative to your employer.Say your services to your company are worth $1000 a day. Under the gun, he would pay you that if he had no other choice. Say you would work for $100 a day if you had no other options. That's your range.Say you're new and independent a...

   Programmer,Program manager,Salary,Difference,Bargain power,Economic     2011-11-21 03:06:30

  What It’s Really Like to Work at Google

Google. It’s one of the most common household words in today’s modern society, and yet for a company that is used by most of us essentially as an algorithm, it tends to trigger a highly emotional response when overheard. It’s a dream job for college students nearing graduation, a highly coveted invitation to lunch by friends and colleagues who work near campus, and the bane of existence for those who produce content for the Internet. For several years, most of the public has seen qui...

   Google,Work,Life,Workplace     2012-01-18 08:19:00

  Using OpenID connect in for login via Facebook

This post is shared by development India experts to explain OpenID support and OAuth providers support in Through this article, you will learn the best way to use OpenId in development for login through different accounts including Facebook. Read this article and discover how experts of do it. Web pages of Asp.Net have support for OpenID and OAuth providers. These providers allow users to log in to the web application with their credentials from Microsoft, Google...

   ASP.NET ,DEVELOPMENT,INDIA     2016-11-07 05:09:58

  Interesting program comments

With Google Code Search, we can search some interesting code snippets comments. Some of them are interesting. Programming is not a boring task if you have a good attitude. Lets see some funny comments. Have fun.Not very confident :Dragon everywhere :One more angry comment :I told them earlier:F**K:Don't look following programs:Author :  陈皓 Source :

   Programming,comment,interesting     2012-04-23 06:51:05