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Different programming are similar in helping people build staff work as people want them to. But they all have their own features which differentiate them from other programming languages. The language type may be different, for example Java is OOP, some may have different syntax. A programming motto usually can best describe the characteristic of the programming language. For example, "Write once Run everywhere" for Java.Do you know any other programming language motto?
Do you know the mottos of programmig languages?
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Change password of postgres account in Postgres

Source : sonic0002    Date : 2013-03-04 01:51:02  

When installing Postgres on Windows, there is some default account created for user to login. One of them is postgres, but we often don;t know what's the password for this account when we first login using this account. We need to change the password for this account. How to change it?

Step 1. Modify the pg_hba.conffile

Go to the /data/ and open the pg_hba.conf.

# TYPE  DATABASE        USER            ADDRESS                 METHOD

# IPv4 local connections:
host    all             all               md5

For the method, the default is md5 which means it needs a password, so here we need to change the method to trust and then save it

host    all             all               trust

This means user can login without any password.

Step 2 . Login to Postgres server

Once the above is done, we can login to Postgres using psql command(Postgres client) to login:

psql -U postgres

Then we can enter the psql command line mode, now we can execute the below SQL command:


Once the above is executed, the password is changed

Step 3. Revert the login method

Now modify the pg_hba.conf file and change the method back to md5 and save it and restart the Postgres service.

Now you can using the new password to login now.

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