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Gmail supports 10 GB attachment after integrating with Google Drive

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Google today announced Gmail allows users to send attachment up to 10GB after integrating with Google Drive, the attachment size can be 400 times larger than traditional mail attachment size.

Google also added another feature recently, it will pop up a separate window when writing new email. The integration of Gmail with Google Drive will introduce one Google Drive button at the bottom of the popup window, as a solution for sending large attachment.

At the same time, because the attachment will be stored in the cloud of Google Drive, Gmail will check again to confirm whether the real recipient can see the attachment. If the recipient can not see the attachment file, it will prompt to amend relevant Share settings. When you simply paste the Google Drive  file link to the e-mail, it will also work.

Google said that this integration would gradually open to public in next few days, but this feature would be available only when you activate the popup window feature, so if you do not activate the popup window feature, you need to activate this feature first.

Since Google made the first of its kind, Microsoft may do the same in the future, in particular, Microsoft has recently launched brand new and SkyDrive, it may integrate the SkyDrive with

Is 10 GB attachment too large? What kind of files will be 10 GB in size? Video clips? Compressed files? Maybe some people may have this need, but many people may not need this feature as of now.

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