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Different programming are similar in helping people build staff work as people want them to. But they all have their own features which differentiate them from other programming languages. The language type may be different, for example Java is OOP, some may have different syntax. A programming motto usually can best describe the characteristic of the programming language. For example, "Write once Run everywhere" for Java.Do you know any other programming language motto?
Do you know the mottos of programmig languages?
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How to praise yourself in resume

Source : @随身英语    Date : 2012-06-09 00:27:14  

When finding a job, we first need to send our CV and resume to the employer. Among many candidates, how do we make our resume prominent and noticed by the employer. We need some impressive information. We can praise ourselves in the resume so that the employer can have a good impression on me. Here we summarized a list about how to praise ourselves in our resume.
  • Mature, dynamic and honest.
  • Excellent, ability of systematical management.
  • Ability to work independently, mature and resourceful.
  • A person with ability plus flexibility.
  • A stable personality and high sense of responsibility.
  • Work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force
  • Bright, aggressive and ambitious
  • Initiative, independent and good communication skill
  • Willing to work under pressure with leadership quality
  • Willing to assume responsibilities
  • Mature, self-motivated and strong interpersonal skills
  • Energetic, fashion-minded person
  • With a pleasant mature attitude
  • Strong determination to succeed
  • String leadership skills
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Highly-motivated and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality
  • The ability to initiate and operate independently
  • Strong leadership skill while possessing a great team spirit
  • Be highly organized and efficient
  • Willing to learn and progress
  • Good presentation skills
  • Positive active mind essential
  • Ability to deal with personal at all levels effectively
  • Have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision
  • Young, bright, energetic with strong career ambition
  • Good people management and communication skills. Team player.
  • Able to work under high pressure and time limitation.
  • Be elegant and with nice personality
  • With good managerial skills and organizational capabilities.
  • The main qualities required are preparedness to work hard, ability to learn, ambition and good health.
  • Having good and extensive social connections
  • Being active, creative and innovative is a plus
  • With good analytical capability.

Which one is your favorite above? Or you have better suggestions? Please share with us.

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