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TIOBE : Where is that next big programming language?

  Peter      2012-05-12 01:18:27      29,784    2    1

TIOBE has released the Programming Community Index for May 2012 a bit late. The top 3 languages do not change compared to last Month TIOBE : C overtakes Java as the No.1 programming language, they are still C,Java and C++. However, the share of Java is continuing dropping, Objective-C is steadily rising  Other languages which have rising trend are Visual Basic.NET,PL/SQL and Logo.

The last 8 years not much has changed in the top 10 of the TIOBE index except for Objective-C (in) and Delphi (out). Apart from iPhone language Objective-C, new language adoption appears to be much harder than expected. The main reason for this is probably that it is very difficult to migrate a large code base from one language to another one. So changes are slow. But even if we take this into account there are no new languages that show a slow but constant uprise.

Let's have a look at some possible candidates. What programming languages are hot in the Internet discussions? Take, for instance, Scala. It is currently at position #46. We started monitoring this language 6 years ago. It entered the TIOBE index at #57 in 2006, but one year later it already moved to #48. So not much happened to the language after that. Other examples are F# (currently: #40, 2006: #38), Groovy (currently: #32, 2008: #36), Erlang (currently: #44, 2006: #35) and Clojure (currently: #77, 2009: #88). So where is that next big programming language?

Other programming languages:

Programming Community Index is an indicator of the programming language trends. It is updated monthly, this list is based on the number of experienced programmers,
courses and third-party vendors on the Internet. It uses the well-known search engines (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo) as well as Wikipedia and YouTube to calculate the ranking. Please note that this list is merely a reflection of the popularity of a programming language, does not indicate whether a programming language is good or not.

For more detail analysis of this month's language ranking. Please refer to







Tomek [Reply]@ 2012-05-14 05:42:45
seems like C and Java are the current and the "next big programming languages" - no competition so far
rajan [Reply]@ 2012-07-31 07:27:48
really its helpful to me


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