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Be Aware of these 10 mistakes while designing Your Mobile App!

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So you have finally decided to enter the world of technology and you are going to design an application for your business. The time has become when you have to give all the nitty-gitty grins a look and design your own mobile app for promoting your business online. Well when you have finally decided to design your mobile application, here are some mistakes that you are not allowed to make.

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  1. Do Not Start Designing Your App Without Wireframes

    When you have a well thought idea in your imaginations you can always go before wireframes and can begin with your designing. Even when you are working with the simple applications you should have to follow a well considered flow-map for ensuring a reasonable and logical navigation structure.

    Another thing that you have to pay attention is making it sure that your functional screens are close to top and rather than buried in between the multiple levels of your navigational elements. Skipping up the flow-map and designing the wiring screens without having a set plan in your mind will be an easy way for creating a convoluted flow that will make users confused and turned off.

  2. Do Not Go Over Budget
    When you are designing a mobile application, it is very normal that you have to pay for various reasons. So when you are at the initial stage make sure that you remain into your budget. Going over budget or spending too much money at initial levels could be harmful for you and your business because you do not know the response of your mobile app now.

  3. Do Not Design Your Apps With Low Resolutions
    It is always good to pay some extra pennies if you have to sacrifice over the resolution of the graphics. Well this thing is very much obvious but still one has to consider it before designing an application as applications are always designed with good quality graphics and high resolutions.

  4. Do not Undersize The Hitting Area
    Always keep in mind that most of the index fingers of users are 1.6 to 2 cm wide. By taking the width of a finger into account including the fact that users are moving very quickly, they are not able to tap the tiny area on the screen easily. It is all very easy to pack up lots of buttons and functionality into the screen but make sure that the buttons on the applications should be kept a little bigger in size. They should be designed in such a way that they should be used easily.

  5. Do Not Make Use Of Animations Intro
    It is good and impressive to have an animation start at the beginning of the application but the thing becomes really annoying because the animation takes time to start before it gets loaded. Initially people like it but when they have to use your app frequently they start hating that video loading time and ultimately they delete the app from their mobile.
  6. Never Ever Leave Your Visitors Hanging In Between

    When you leave your users out of the loop while the app is loading or being processed will make users feel that the application is malfunctioning. It will give your users a bad experience. Don’t make them waiting too long for working with their mobile app. Your mobile application should be quick and easy to use.

  7. Do Not Just Copy Others

    It is okay if you like someone else’s design more but it is not acceptable if you are copying the application as it is. If you like the concept or the idea, try to modify it according to your will and inculcate some of your own ideas into it. When you add your originality into it then it will be more worth making than just copying an idea and claiming it to be yours.

  8. Do Not Overstuff Your Application
    When you design an application for your target audience, you know what all are you going to offer and who all is your potential audience. So it would be better if you do not complicate your application with complex structures and keep it simple. Especially when you are designing an application for kids then it is good to keep it very-very simple so that they find it damn easy to work with it.

  9. Do Not Assume Things To Happen
    Things do not happen by chance or by assuming. They go on their way. So do not assume that everybody is going to use your application the way you want it to be. Usability of your application is must. No matter how good your application looks but it have to have some useful functionality. When your application is of no use to anybody why would anybody download it? This is a simple logic. So the best way is to take time and design something which is worth.

  10. Do Not Forget About Gestures But Do Not Misuse Them Either
    Always keep in mind that not every element of your interface needs to be fully visible for the users or it is not necessary to get that element immediately. In other words do keep all the gestures in mind but do not over rely on them for your application.

So by keeping the above points in mind you can always result into a fruitful and useful application for your users. You will love designing such an application and the best part is that you will always end up with something useful.

Author Bio: Katie Stanfield is working as a senior Mobile App Developer with one of the best mobile apps development company, Xperts Infosoft based in New Delhi. She is working with the company since the start of the organization and has proved to be a great asset in keeping the customers always connected with the organization. Find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter for more information.



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