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Severe SSL 3.0 vulnerability to be released

  sonic0002      2014-10-14 22:22:39      4,087    0    0

According to The Register, another severe security vulnerability has been found in the widely used SSL v3 protocol. Until now, it's still in patch phase and the details of this vulnerability is expected to be released today.

There are a few widely impacted security vulnerabilities revealed this year and they bring people's attention to the long existing security concerns. Previously, we have seen the HeartBleed issue and also the recently ShellShock issue. Both of them occur in popular libraries or frameworks. The HeartBleed issue happens in OpenSSL and the ShellShcok issue happens in bash shell which exists on most of the Unix/Linux systems.

We believe this new vulnerability about SSL v3 will also have a big impact on us because of the popularity of the secure communication protocol -- SSL.

Let's wait and see what will shock us. Are you nervous?



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