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Good ways to "insult" a computer scientist

  sonic0002      2013-08-06 09:32:56      15,001    1    6

Computer scientists are a group of people who are hard working and talented. They build the theory foundation for information and computation and they usually work on something difficult to understand. Many computer algorithms are created by computer scientists. In our mind, they are those people we admire most. But sometimes we also want to make fun of them or "insult" them. What are good ways to "insult" them? Here we share some.

  • Ask him to make a website for you...and with PHP.
  • Ask them why they're making the math out to be difficult. Didn't Dijkstra prove a similar result in one of his letters?
  • Introduce them to your friends as "My friend who works in IT"
  • Ask them if they know how to fix your slow computer or remove a virus...
  • Ask him to correct the format in your MS word document.
  • Argue with them that Steve Jobs was a genius computer scientist.
  • Ask them if they know anyone who is good with computers.
  • Tell them they're too pretty to be programmers.
  • Ask him what I was once asked: "Now that you have finished masters, would you be able to fix my computer?"
  • Call them a 'RESOURCE'
  • Ask them "Are you only qualified for programming or can you do IT support as well?"

Do you have good ones as well. Please share with us.

Note : This is just for fun. It is not really trying to insult computer scientists.





tiger [Reply]@ 2013-08-07 20:40:47
This joke just like ask a men : can you suckles a baby? One is science, the other one is technology. Science tell you what is the theory, though technology is how to implement it.


Where blue screen appears on a wedding

By sonic0002
"Blue screen" has become one notorious symbol of Windows. Maybe you have seen the Windows blue screen in a few occasions. But have you see it on a wedding? The above is what happens on a wedding. What if Bill Gates attends a wedding and see this famous scene? The image source is dedicated to Sina We