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Those famous Emacs users

  Wenshan      2013-07-28 21:36:09      10,472    2    2

I don't think using Emacs can improve one's programming skills, I don't think some famous people used Emacs before can provide something, either. But these famous people encouraged me to learn Emacs when I wanted to give it up. Here I created a list of famous Emacs users.

Most of people in this list are not famous because they developed or used Emacs, but they are famous and also use Emacs.

Joe Armstrong -- Erlang's author

In The Setup, Joe mentioned that "I write books using XML markup in emacs (nxml mode)" and "I write code in Emacs".

Amelia Andersdotter -- Politician

In an interview, Amelia mentioned "but I do still use Emacs and org-mode"

Steve Brust -- Author of Wad Taltos

In My Own Kind of Freedom, Steve mentioned "“the book was written in emacs on a box running Mandrake Linux"

Vernor Vinge -- Author of True Names and A Fire Upon the Deep

In an interview, Vernor introduced his work environment, obviously he was using Emacs.

Whitfield Diffie -- Security expert, Diffie-Hellman key exchange

On Hacker News, jf said : Whitfield Diffie is also an Emacs user. I once sat behind him at an awards ceremony and was able to observe him hacking on Emacs lisp during the event."

Marc Andreessen -- Mosaic browser autho, Netscape founder

Here is Marc's profile on EmacsWiki

Richard Gabriel -- Author of Worse is Better

Gabriel is initiator of Lucid Emacs.

Guy Steele -- Author of C: A Reference Manual

Steele is one of the authors of Emacs.

Peter Norvig -- Artificial Intelligence expert. Author of Design of Computer Programs

In an interview, Norvig mentioned : "I dislike all three major OS – Windows, Mac, Linux. I like Python and Lisp. Emacs"

Jamie Zawinski -- Mozilla and XEmacs main contributor.

Daniel Weinreb --Founder of Symbolics

Daniel Weinred was a pioneer of Lisp and Emacs

Julian Assange -- WikiLeaks founder

A code snippet authored by Julian Assange.

Mark Zuckerberg -- Faceook founder

In the movie The Social Network, Mark used Emacs to edit PHP and Perl scripts. He also mentioned in his blog : "“it’s definitely necessary to break out emacs and modify that perl script”

Guido van Rossum -- Author of Python

In an article about Python user experience, Guido mentioned : “I am mostly an entrenched Emacs user"

Linus Torvalds-- Linux kernel and Git author

In an article on Google+, Linus mentioned he was using uemacs as his main editor.

Donald Knuth --Author of TeX and The Art of Computer Programming

There is one Elisp code snippet on Donald's homepage: color-mode.el

Richard Stallman --GNU Emacs author.



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yilmazhuseyin [Reply]@ 2015-05-04 03:41:33

Hey, Why I am not in this list?

Pi Ke [Reply]@ 2015-05-04 10:14:47

Hey, I want to be on this list, too.


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