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Let your page be alive

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With development of Internet, Web pages lie everywhere. How to design a visually attractive web product is becoming a major concern of designers, A complete webpage consists of the combination of points, lines and layers. If you want to let your page design be alive, you should put your efforts on below 4 aspects.

1. Flexible font use

In a webpage, texts are the major information carrier and are what users care mostly about. It's the main element to convey messages to readers. The font size, color,style or even line height will directly affect the visual effect.

The above page is very concise, it integrates the text and images very well which makes the page concise and abundant. Also the font size contrast creates a layering feeling.

The above page breaks the texts and makes them look like different images. It not only provides information, but also makes the page appeal to the theme.

Lots of information on the above page, but the line height is correctly set so that the page looks concise but not messy. You can find what's important as a glance.

2. Geometric graph

A webpage usually contains a few sections or tables, most of them are squares/ If we can use some geometric graphs such as triangles or circles, the page will be more robust.

It utilizes the LOGO color and creates a background image with different geometric graphs.

The logo itself consists of geometric graphs and the navigation bar is a wheeler. It makes the page informative.

3. Appropriate white space

Appropriate white space can make the page smooth and clean.

Centered around the person, leave white space on four sides. This makes the person stands out.

4. Addon color

Addon color is to add some decoration color to elements on the page so that they look more attractive and graceful.

Here purple is the addon color which will not make the page look boring. It also makes the important elements stand out.

Here the addon color is yellow and blue. It will be monotonous if there is only white color on the page.

There are also other places you can put effort to such as animations. This kind of experience needs to be accumulated in your daily work.

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