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To our youth

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Youth is the best period in our life for most of us. We have dreams, passions and energies. We can work day and night for our dreams.We can hang out with friends the whole day. But there will always be a day when we are not young anymore, our youth will pass by. We will not be able to go back to our youth any more. Do you have anything to say about your youth? Recently, a Chinese IT engineer @本座 wrote a short code snippet to describe our youth. Here we share what she writes:

public void toOurYouth() throws Exception{
        experience=yourYouth.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO your_memory VALUES(?,?,?)");
    }while(yourYouth.isWonderful() || yourYouth.isRegretful());
        throw new RollbackException();
    }catch(RollbackException e){
        System.our.println("youth can't go back again anymore.");

We will say goodbye to our youth finally, we cannot rollback our youth. What we can do is save those memories no matter they are wonderful or regretful. To our youth!





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