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Marissa Mayer has something to say about work from home

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A few months ago Yahoo started to prohibit employees working from home. This controversial decision attracts many arguments about work from home. Previously we published one article Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home. Now the key person behind this prohibition expresses her opinion about this.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer responded to the policy of prohibiting working from home the first time on Thursday. She said that when people were working together they could be more innovative and collaborative.

On a human resource conference in Los Angeles, Marissa Mayer said people might be very effective when they were alone, but they would be more innovative and collaborative. Many great ideas come out because of drainstorms of people gathering together.

In February Yahoo announced to prohibit employees working from home, most of the employees agree this policy in Yahoo, they think the company culture should e changed. But this policy attracts many arguments in Silicon Valley.

Nowadays many people like to work from home, especially for those mothers, this is very convenient.



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