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Google open sources Leak Finder for JavaScript

  sonic0002      2012-08-15 13:45:34      2,853    0    0

Google recently open sourced a tools for finding memory leaks in JavaScript programs.

In JavaScript you cannot have "memory leaks" in the traditional sense, but you can have objects which are unintentionally kept alive and which in turn keep alive other objects, e.g., large parts of DOM.

Leak Finder for JavaScript works against the Developer tools remote inspecting protocol of Chrome, retrieves heap snapshots, and detects objects which are "memory leaks" according to a given leak definition.

The default configuration of the tool detects goog.Disposable objects which were not dispose()d. goog.EventTarget is a subclass of goog.Disposable, and if an EventTarget is not disposed, event listeners are not discarded properly, and event listeners in turn keep DOM objects alive. It's possible to configure the tool to detect other similar misuses.

You can find more details about this project here.

The code location for this prokect is :



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