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Pinterest announces open registration

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Pinterest is on-line for two years. During these two years, it gains big growth, but it needs invitation before you can register on Pinterest. Now Pinterest announces open registration, it means that anyone can register on Pinterest with emails, Facebook or Twitter accounts, no need to get invitation from others.

In its official blog, Pinterest says:

We’re really excited to have the capacity to offer Pinterest to more people and if you’re a Pinner with friends who’ve been waiting on the sidelines, we hope you’ll let them know. Happy pinning to everyone!

In February, the monthly independent visitors of Pinterest are 10 million. According to Experian, in April, Pinterest's monthly visits are 100.7 million. Last month, the online share tool Shareaholic released some data which showed that referral traffic of Pinterest was more than that of Twitter, Google, Bing and StumbleUpon. The data from ShareAholic are based on analysis of 200,000 content publishers, the monthly visits of these content publishers are around 27 million.

Pinterest doesn't releases its user numbers, according to third party, Pinterest now has around 20 million users. Do you have a Pinteres account? If not, go and register one.



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