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How many Java programmers are there in the world?

  Peter      2012-07-20 11:57:19      6,781    0    0

Oracle says its 9,000,000, Wikipedia says its 10 million, gives the exact number of Java programmers, 9007346.

But how many Java programmers are there really? We cannot call everyone on the planet to ask whether he/she is a Java programmer or not.

So we can only rely on some indirect methods to estimate, such as government statistics (There are around 43 million programmers in the world), TIOBE and Langpop, Employment portals, Eclipse and Tomcat download numbers.

Download number of Eclipse :
  • Eclipse Juno -- 8,000,000
  • Eclipse Indigo -- 6,000,000
  • Eclipse Helios --4,100,000
  • Eclipse Galileo --2,200,00
  • ........

By summarizing data gathered using above methods, there are around 8,311,000 Java programmers in the world.

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