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GitHub is to raise fund

  Peter      2012-05-22 05:22:55      2,689    0    0

Popular social coding and code hosting site GitHub is close to make an fund raising agreement with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. After this round of fund raising, GitHub's market value will be around $500-800million.

GitHub is a very popular social coding website, the major clients are programmers from big IT companies. Recently, GitHub even becomes a platform for some big companies to recruit new programmers, some HR managers are more willing to read applicant's GitHun profile instead of just the personal resume.

Since launched in 2008, GitHub has over 1.6 million registered users and hosts about 2.8 million repositories.Users can buy personal code hosting service with $7/month, while the enterprise service with firewalls will cost over $5000/month. Some companies spent about $1 million every year on GitHub.

GitHub started to support Windows platforms, including Windows 8 to be released later this year. GitHub development team has 55 employees, among them, many of them are using Windows to develop.

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