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Will PHP __autoload() function really affect performance?

  Peter      2012-05-09 11:25:26      2,462    1    0


Regarding to PHP performance, the most frequently discussed is the __autoload() function. Many people say that this function will affect the performance very much, some other people say that opcode will affect __autoload() as well. So we will have some tests on these two.


PHP 5.3.9 -- Launch under fastcgi mode
Nginx 1.1.12


Launch page

eAccelerator(In php.ini) configuration

File structure(each Test file has over 6000 lines of code)

With eAccelerator cache and with __autoload() function loaded

The result after refreshing the web browser
Total Time:0.10401391983032
Total Time:0.10252094268799
Total Time:0.095267057418823
Total Time:0.10013008117676
Total Time:0.096842050552368
Total Time:0.097998142242432
Total Time:0.10348510742188
Total Time:0.096648931503296

With eAccelerator cache and without __autoload() function loaded

The result after refreshing the web browser
Total Time:0.10309100151062
Total Time:0.10285210609436
Total Time:0.10154414176941
Total Time:0.097845792770386
Total Time:0.099545001983643
Total Time:0.10166597366333

The final result : __autoload() function does not affect the performance too much.

Without eAccelerator cache and with __autoload() function loaded

Total Time:0.24992394447327
Total Time:0.25681900978088
Total Time:0.25327301025391
Total Time:0.22580695152283
Total Time:0.22656512260437
Total Time:0.22530484199524
Total Time:0.23080611228943

Without eAccelerator cache and without __autoload() function loaded

Total Time:0.23054909706116
Total Time:0.22633790969849
Total Time:0.23442888259888
Total Time:0.2350070476532
Total Time:0.22897601127625
Total Time:0.23207712173462

__autoload() still doesn't affect the performance very much.


1. __autoload() function doesn't affect performance too much, so it's ok to use __autoload() function
2. opcode will have big impact on code, with opcode,the execution speed of PHP will increase by twice.

Note : some people say that we should not use __autoload() since the maintain cost of it is much higher than the performance cost. I am agree with this statement.

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Aril [Reply]@ 2012-11-08 21:25:03
:Yup, bookmarks yours as well. We need to rellay sit and comple windows, IIS, Fastcgi, php, and wincache tips. Windows is the bomb but take a lot of work to get it there.Let me know how you'd want to proceed on that. I'll share everything I know. Your site is FAST so I'd definitely like to compare PHP.INI files, etc. at the very least. I know I have a lot of room for improvement at this point. I think my site runs OK right now, but I'd rellay like to tweak it further.


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