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Show drop down list or menu above of a flash in webpage

  Pi Ke      2012-03-12 17:13:57      2,042    0    0

How to make a drop down menu show above of a  flash in webpage?

Normally when we embed a flash or swf file into our webpage, it is not one component of our webpage.So sometimes the flash will always show above of the webpage, it will not interact with our HTML page.To solve this problem,we need to use wmode property of object tag.

wmode has three properties: window,opaque and transparent.

  • window : the flash will show in its own rectangular window,which will not interact with
          our webpage,so it will always show on top of the page.

  • opaque :it will block all the elements behind the flash,but it may interact with our
          HTML page, it will not always show on top of the webpage

  • transparent: it will make all elements behind the flash visible to us,it may interact
          with our HTML page.

The difference between opauqe and transparent is that opaque will block all elements behind the flash,which means all elements behind the flash will be invisible.In contrast,the transparent will not block them,the elements will be visible. 

So usually we should use transparent if we want to show a drop down menu on top of a flash.



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