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Two things I don’t like about Hacker News

  Pi Ke      2012-02-28 11:55:37      2,156    0    0

Hacker News is a very famous IT information hub. We can find many useful links about the latest IT news and fantastic technology demos. But there are two things I don’t like about Hacker News. Maybe some of you also have the same feelings.

1.  About the more link. Every time we click the more link to go to next page, there will be a unique key generated to produce the new page. It is a good security mechanism. Also it may increase pages views as we need to read page by page but cannot jump to one specific page. But one problem is that if I open a page and navigate some pages and I have some other things to do suddenly, then after I come back, I click the more link, an error message shows, this is quite annoying. Because I need to go over again one more time.

2.  The submission management. I submit a submission, after a few days, I cannot edit or delete the page again. Sometimes I want to delete a previous submission, but unfortunately I cannot.

Do you guys have similar dislikes or you have some more dislikes about Hacker News? Please feel free to share with us.



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