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  Want to be a programmer? Top programming languages that will be result driven in 2017

Programmers are always high in demand in software industry: take any corporate blue chip Software Company India for instance; programmers are playing a pivotal role in company’s business and relevant growth. In that case if you are planning to pursue a programmer’s career and earn fat package, here goes the range of option for your further study. Alternatively, if you are an employer and you want to understand the basic idea of coding, the outline description of popular programming ...


  The basics of Client/Server socket programming

  While Client/Server communication model is ubiquitous nowadays, most of them involve socket programming knowledge. In this post, I will introduce some rudimentary aspects of it: (1) Short/Long-lived TCP connection.Short-lived TCP connection refers to following pattern: Client creates a connection to server; send message, then close the connection. If Client wants to transmit information again, repeat the above steps. Because establishing and destroying TCP s...

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  How to maintain a software project?

For a software engineer, at least from my own experience, maintaining an existing software project would take up a considerable amount of time: adding new features, fixing tricky bugs, and so on. In this post, I will share some some tips about how to become a veteran from a novice quickly when facing a new project. (1) Get familiar with the background knowledge of the project. Every software has its own purposes and users: a device driver serves the specified hardware, whilst a SMS gateway helps...

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  Why do I need a debugger?

  When I begin to learn a new programming language, I will try and master the debugger for it as early as possible. For example, in 2013, while I touched the Go, there seems only gdb for use. Although gdb itself is not a good choice (From Debugging Go Code with GDB): As a consequence, although GDB can be useful in some situations, it is not a reliable debugger for Go programs, particularly heavily concurrent ones. But at that time there was no other choice. So after delve&nb...

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  Carriage return and line feed

In programming and document editing, we may frequently encounter carriage return and line feed, i.e the well known CRLF.  But do you know about the history and difference of carriage return and line feed? Before computer came out, there was a type of teleprinter called Teletype Model 33. It can print 10 characters each second. But there is one problem with this, after finishing printing each line, it will take 0.2 second to move to next line, which is time of printing 2 characters. If a new...


  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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  Do you have this kind of comments in your source code?

Writing runnable code is the essential skill of a programmer, writing understandable comment is also a skill a programmer should acquire. There is some famous saying that bad comment is worth than no comment. Usually your code will be maintained by other people, if you provide them some difficult to understand or misguided comments, this will be nightmare to them. While at some other time, programmers may put some funny comments in their codes which may make others laugh. Today we...

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  How many programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

There seem to be a lot of “How many programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” jokes floating around the Internet, but none aimed specifically for us SQA folk.  I have decided (perhaps mistakenly) that this is no longer acceptable.  If this decision is a mistake, I'm sure that someone else in QA will report it up as a bug and assign it to me.  For better or worse, there is now an SQA set of these jokes, thanks to me.  Now, without further ado, let the pun...

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