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  Let browser prompt for storing password when doing AJAX login

In Web 2.0 era, more and more web applications are using AJAX to replace the traditional HTML form element to perform user login. This usually provides a better user experience than form submission. But it also brings a side effect to the end users. That is the browser will not prompt the user whether s/he wants to save the password so that s/he no needs to enter the username/password again when visiting the same site next time. Below is the code snippet which does the AJAX login.  <scri...


  Samsung will build its own mobile browser

According to the Korean IT News, Samsung is developing its own brand mobile browser based on WebKit, make its the default browser for future Gaxlaxy products.Samsung has posted recruitment advertisements for recruiting Webkit developers in its Advanced Software Platform Lab located in the Silicon Valley. Webkit is an open-source browser engine, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are based on this open source engine.For many users, the phone's built-in default browser is still the most used, so S...

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  Roundup on Parallel Connections

A lot of blogging and follow-up discussion ensued with the announcement that IE8 supports six connections per host. The blogs I saw: IE8: The Performance Implications IE8 speeds things up IE8: 6 Connections Per Host IE 8 and Performance Testing IE8.s Connection Parallelism IE 8 Connection Parallelism Issues It’s likely that Firefox 3 will support 6 connections per server in an upcoming beta release, which means more discussion is expected. I wanted to pull all the facts into one place and mak...