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  Generate certificate with cRLDistributionPoints extension using OpenSSL

In an X509 certificate, the cRLDistributionPoints extension provides a mechanism for the certificate validator to retrieve a CRL(Certificate Revocation List) which can be used to verify whether the given certificate is revoked.   A cRLDistributionPoints extension can contain one or more DistributionPoints where the CRL can be retrieved from. Each DistributionPoint consists of three fields,each of which is optional: distributionPoint : it contains either a SEQUENCE of general...


  HeartBleed: Inside the heart, what causes the bleeding?

Just after a few weeks since Apple's famous goto fail bug, there is one bug in OpenSSL which catches the attention from the world again. The bug is named HeartBleed, found in OpenSSL library, a famous open source library supporting lots of  SSL/TLS communication among server/client applications. The reason why this bug catches the attentions from the world is it affects almost all sites which are using the affected OpenSSL library, these includes many applications like Nginx server, some v...

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