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  Facebook steps into the $100 billion club

According to 36 Kr, investors and analysts seemed to be inspired by the Q2 earnings report released on 24th July by Facebook, Facebook share price increased by more than 50% post that. As the U.S. stock market closed, Facebook share price rose $0.79 yesterday, closing at $41.34. As of now, Facebook's market capitalization has reached 100.676 billion U.S. dollars.The reason why Facebook share price kept dropping since its IPO is because investors doubted,the ability of Facebook on selling advert...

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  Facebook share price is over $38 before the market opens on Wednesday

According to Sina Tech, Facebook share price is over $38 before the market opens on Wednesday. It's the first time that its share price is over $38 since its IPO last year. In May 2012, Facebook went to public on Nasdaq with a releasing share price of $38. The share price went below $38 after the first trading day. Then after its share price kept dropping until last September it reached to its lowest point with a share price of $17.58. But as Facebook's performance was better than expected last...

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