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  Some lovely software design quotes

  Every time when I read technical books, I like reading the quote of a famous person at the start of a chapter(if any), usually they are very interesting. Here is a collection of famous quotes. Life’s too short to build something nobody wants – Ash Maurya, Running Lean author Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime. – David Leinweber There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is...

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  9 quotes that stayed with me as a developer

I find quotes inspiring, motivating or sometimes just thought provoking, so here's some of my favourites from over the years. Sometimes reading a book can have a real influence on how you write code, or how you approach a problem. Sometimes a simple quote  is enough to make me question the way I look at the code I'm writing. Or often I sit in awe about someone's so well distilled what I've known internally for ages but have never been able to enunciate.   "Design is finding t...