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  Creating Working application in 15 minutes in ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and Scaffolded Items

You can create a working application in MVC at your place. development services providers bring this tutorial to make you learn about the use of Entity framework and Scaffolded items for mvc application development. Read this and share your experience at the end. In this post we going to use Microsoft technology to create a fully working web application which going to contain a fully featured CRUD capabilities. So first of all let’s create, a new table which going t...


  Using OpenID connect in for login via Facebook

This post is shared by development India experts to explain OpenID support and OAuth providers support in Through this article, you will learn the best way to use OpenId in development for login through different accounts including Facebook. Read this article and discover how experts of do it. Web pages of Asp.Net have support for OpenID and OAuth providers. These providers allow users to log in to the web application with their credentials from Microsoft, Google...

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  Using Nlog Logging Framework With Vnext In Asp.Net

In this article, development company experts will brief you about asp.netVNext and its features. They will also explain how to use NLog Logging framework in Read this article and learn what they want you to understand. Overview of Asp.Net VNext The next level of Asp.Net after Asp.Net 5 is Asp.Net VNext. Currently, the code is run in Asp.Net with same CLR as that of desktop apps. There is a need for cloud optimized version of Asp.Net for getting higher throughput with lesser memo...


  How to upload file to FTP server using C# Asp.Net

This post is about uploading files to FTP server in development. You will learn step-by-step to upload files programmatically to FTP web server. All the examples shared in this post are intended by professionals to make you learn about the subject Here, I will explain you an example of Uploading Files to FTP Server programmatically in C#.Net. Using this approach, the Files will be programmatically uploaded to FTP Web Server. For example, I will create a function in which we will simply p...

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  Cross platform portable class libraries and .net

What’s that happy little feature developers are admiring? Oh that’s Portable class libraries that have been chugging along, during their thing and delivering to the point results wherever used by developers. If a developer is not writing .net applications for multiple targets, then he likely hasn’t bumped into these libraries. However, developers who are writing .net apps and want these apps to run on every platform from watches to tablets to desktops to the cloud, they can ava...

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  Are You a Zen Coder or Distraction-Junkie?

What you do when compiling can ruin your life. And not just when compiling, but when waiting for any short computer operation to finish. That time is ridiculously tiny compared to the rest of your workday, yet it can have a huge impact on your productivity and well-being overall. Yes, that’s a big fat claim. And by the way, this article is not just about coders or programmers. It’s about any smart people working with computers. And there will be pictures! Let’s rock and roll - Why am I w...


  Why we don’t hire .NET programmers

Skip my post and read this one instead.  It says the same thing, but less offensively.  (Or, rather, more offensively to Facebook and Google employees, less offensive to .NET developers, though the underlying message is the same.) Tuesday midnight edit: After >500 comments, >1000 tweets, and >1000 Facebook likes, I’m closing comments on this thread so we can all get back to work.  The very last comment takes the cake, however, and is a fitting close.  Thanks ...


  Send Email Using Gmail in ASP.NET

If you want to send email using your Gmail account or using Gmail's smtp server in ASP.NET application or if you don't have a working smtp server to send mails using your ASP.NET application or aspx page than sending e-mail using Gmail is best need to write code like this First of all add below mentioned namespace in code behind of aspx page from which you want to send the mail.using System.Net.Mail;Now write this code in click event of button C# code protected void But...

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