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  What can we do about Facebook?

Around 4 years ago, we have posted an article Is Facebook becoming Tencent like? to analyze the strategy Facebook adopted to build its technology empire at that time. Today, we would continue this discussion since the story seems not end there. Facebook is still on the way of copying others. The latest victim being copied is Snapchat where lots of its new features have been copied by Instagram -- an app owned by Facebook. This has helped Instagram acquired lots of active users, especi...


  Snapkidz for children under 13

According to 36 Kr, in the past, you must be over 13 years old to register on Snapchat, while Snapchat added a new feature called Snapkidz in the latest version of its iOS app last weekend, users under 13 years old can use it now.In short, Snapchat categorize users using people's age. For users older than 13, there are no many changes; but for those younger than 13, you can also fill out the registration form, but these information are not sent to Snapchat for registering a new account, instead...

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  Mark Zuckerbeg's hacker way

According to TechCrunch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote codes for the latest mobile IM application : Poke, the tone played when receiving push notifications is from the mouth of Zuckerberg. This approach reflects the way pursued by Zuckerberg : hacker way.As one of the earliest features of Facebook the "Poking" is invented by Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that Zuckerberg involves in Poke's development.Zuckerberg recorded his own voice on the phone initially just for fun. But he was later ...