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  WeChat has 100 million international users now

Just one month ago, Tencent announced that it had 70 million international users outside of China mainland. Today, they announced that WeChat hit 100 million international users. In just one month, the international users increase by 30 million. WeChat becomes one of the most tough competitors in the international IM market. Although there are still Whatsapp, Line and some other IMs, WeChat provides many different robust features, especially in the newly released WeChat 5. The new features in W...


  Huateng Ma becomes the richest person in China

On 22 July, Licai Zhoubao, a famous wealth management media in China, released a ranking about Chinese most richest people. In this ranking, Tencent CEO, Huateng Ma for the first time becomes the richest person in China with 46.7 billion RMB(around  $7.6 billion), his wealth was 35.4 billion RMB(around $5.76 billion) last year. That means his wealth increases 11.3 billion RMB($1.84 billion) in one year. In 2012, Tencent Corp had a revenue of 43.9 billion RMB(around $7.15 billion), which inc...


  WeChat owns 70 million users now out of China

According to 36 Kr, on this year's Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent president Zhiping Liu announced that WeChat had more than 70 million users out of China, it entered Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Mexico and other countries. And it has become the No.1 IM app in Mexico .While in early April, WeChat had only 40 million users abroad. In just three months, 30 million news users started to use WeChat.Tencent spares no effort to promote WeChat to the international market. ...


  Is Facebook becoming Tencent like?

Recently there is news that Facebook is developing a Reader application which is to compete with Flipboard and Pulse. This reminds me a few movements of Facebook in the past few months. First they built a copy of Snapchat named Poke which failed badly at last. Then they launched a new feature on Instagram named Video on Instagram which allows users to shoot and share short videos up to 15 seconds. This feature is to compete with Vine from Twitter. It seems Instagram wins over Vine on this. You c...

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  Fab CEO: Why we choose Tencent in China?

Today one important news is that Fab completes its D round fund raising with 150 million US dollars. Regarding this round of fund raising, Fab CEO Jason Goldberg explained : "If Fab wants to do business in US only, then it's not necessary to raise so much money.". Also from the investment of Tencent and Itochu from Japan, China and Japan will be Fab's new market of expansion. Why does Fab choose to cooperate with Tencent to expand Chinese market?(There was news that Alibaba was also contacting F...

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  Tencent released Q1 earning report of 2013

Tencent has released the earnings report of Q1 in 2013, the total revenue is $2.1611 billion which increases  11.5% compared to last quarter and increases 40.4% compared to the same time last year. The  profit is 649.4 million US dollars which increases 17.3% compared to last quarter and increases 37.4% compared last year.The three main profit generators are:1. Value-added services revenue of 1.7014 billion US dollars with an increase of 13.6% compared to last quarter and an increase o...


  Tencent CEO : Mobile social gaming will be the profit breakthrough point of WeChat

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said mobile social gaming would be one of the biggest light spot and also the profit profit breakthrough point of WeChat.Mr. Ma thinks that the principle of public accounts of WeChat is very simple, In the early period of QQ, users could also send messages and feedback, the reason why WeChat is so charming is because the phone has audio and video capabilities, this is very different from the text on the PC. Public account service providers can send voice passages to users ...

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