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  Google will launch new rendering engine Blink

Google announced new rendering engine Blink derived from the open source WebKit on Chromium project's official blog. This is to speed up the innovation and development process. It will take some time for Chrome to switch from Webkit to Blink.Opera has just switched to WebKit, what will they think about Google's move? Opera's Bruce Lawson said in a blog that Opera browser would use Blink engine and contribute to Blink community.For Google, a powerful rendering engine means that Chrome OS ca...


  Samsung will build its own mobile browser

According to the Korean IT News, Samsung is developing its own brand mobile browser based on WebKit, make its the default browser for future Gaxlaxy products.Samsung has posted recruitment advertisements for recruiting Webkit developers in its Advanced Software Platform Lab located in the Silicon Valley. Webkit is an open-source browser engine, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are based on this open source engine.For many users, the phone's built-in default browser is still the most used, so S...

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