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  Big Corporate Layoffs Hit Shenzhen IT Manufacturing Business

At 11:00 on March 29, 3 employees were ready to jump from Shenzhen Foxconn's longhua building G14. According to witnesses, those 3 employees were negotiating with company regarding the “Foxconn diversion plan”. Liu Kun, Foxconn public speaker, told reporters that many employees are working negatively to resist this plan, but Foxconn does not agree or support their actions in this way. " Company like Foxconn with large-scale labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen, is f...

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  Microsoft to lay off Zune

Recently we can see many news about Microsoft's Windows 8, Microsoft puts much effort to promote Windows 8.  A few days ago, Microsoft announced the death of Windows Live brand, instead they will integrate it into the Windows system. Also, Microsoft now plans to lay off its Zune and focus on XBox, let XBox be the main entertainment service of Microsoft. XBox can provide  music and videos, it can also let users play video games.Here is a part of Microsoft's announcement:This year, Xbox ...