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  Huawei is open to acquire Nokia

Last night Huawei unveiled a new flagship smartphone Ascend P6 in London. It may be the thinnest smartphone in the world and its potential competitor is Samsung Galaxy S4. Before the press event, an article from FT said that Huawei was open to buy Nokia. "We are considering these sorts of acquisitions,maybe the combination has some synerges but depends on the willingness of Nokia. We are open-minded." remarked by Huawei's Richard Yu. After this news, Nokia's share price surges 11% to $4.10 per ...

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  Why does Symbian collapse?

On 24th January, Nokia announces a disappointing news that they would give up Symbian. The 808 PureView released last year will be its last Symbian model.  Symbian was born in 1998, it was supported by the then three mobile giants : Sony Ericson, Motorola and Nokia after its birth, later Samsung and LG also joined the Symbian camp. In 2000, the first Symbian model in the world Ericoson R380 was released, in 20006, there were over 100 million Symbian handphones on the market. But in 2007, t...


  Nokia finally announces the death of Symbian

According to Nokia confirmed that the 808 PureView released last year would be the last phone equipped with Symbian OS in its Q4 financial report. This means that Symbian has been officially declared dead.Nokia said in the report: "In 2012, during the process of transition to Windows Phone, we continue to sell Symbian devices. The Nokia 808 PureView launched in the middle of last year is the last Symbian device."In Q4 2012, sales of Symbian phones were 2.2 million which was equivalent...


  Coming back, Nokia?

Nokia officially unveiled an Windows Phone 8 phone model Lumia 920T in cooperation with China Mobile in yesterday's Global Developer Conference of China Mobile. This is the first to support China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone network standard in the Windows Phone ecosystem, it that Windows Phone is available in TD camp. Meanwhile, as China Mobile's official custom models, Lumia 920T will be sold using China Mobile's sales channel, this may further promote the sales of Nokia Windows Phone dev...


  Nokia unveils Lumia 820

Just finishing introducing the latest flagship model Lumia 920 Nokia introduced mid-range Lumia 820 which is equipped with Windows Phone 8The Lumia 820 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, but the screen is 4.3 inch WVGA screen with 800 x 480 pixels, at the same time it is equipped with 8GB memory space and a 8-megapixel rear camera. In addition, users can extend 8 GB more memory space through Windows Phone 8's extension function.Lumia 820's screen adopts Super S...

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  Nokia fires the Qt team

Recently, Nokia announced that they would lay off around 10000 employees, 700 of them are developers. Among these 700 developers, 100 are the core developers of the open source project Qt.Nokia is the main sponsor of the open source project Qt. According to Mirko Boehm, the core Qt team has around 100 people, this means that Nokia fires the whole Qt team.He criticized Nokia's decision, he thought that a responsible CEO should persuade the team to move to other platforms.Qt team is experienced, t...

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  Symbian is dead

Although Nokia has repeatedly indicated that it will give up Symbian, but no one thought their actions would be so fast. This morning, some people from Nokia Italy said Symbian's life will be ended prematurely. The source revealed some information of Symbian's future.  The Nokia 808 will be equipped with the Symbian Belle FP1 system, Nokia will soon provide updates to this hand phone with Symbian Belle FP2, the platform will no longer receive any updates there after..Of course, this also me...

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