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  Check out Google Reader substitutes

It's only a few hours left that Google Reader will be shut down Since Google decides to decommission such a good product, many people are disappointed about Google. The gene of Google is completely different from Facebook, The strategy of promoting Google+ everywhere is becoming a bit offensive. As a heavy user of Google Reader, people have to start looking for an alternative, Below we give a comparison of different Google Reader substitutes. And we compare them with following parameters: Lload...


  Is Facebook developing RSS reader?

According to Sina Tech, on Thursday developer Tom Waddington said that he found some strings like "RSS feeds" in Facebook codes, it means that Facebook may launch its own RSS reader.Google announced in March this year that they would close its RSS subscription service Google Reader on July 1 mainly because its use had constantly declined in the past few years. Subsequently, many companies competing to launch Google Reader alternatives. Waddington believes that this time Facebook will also join t...

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