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  PHP to get access token for Sina Weibo app

Previously I wrote two articles about getting access token for Facebook and Twitter apps using PHP. Today I will write one more article about getting access token for Sina Weibo app using PHP. OAuth 2.0 is now the authorization mechanism of Sina Weibo API. The API authorization process is similar to the process of Twitter. It has basically two steps: 1. Authorization; 2. Get access token. 1. Create an app. I hope you know how to create an app in Sina Weibo now. If not. You can access this page ...


  3 reasons why Alibaba invests on Sina Weibo

Last night, Alibaba announced acquisition of 18% shares of Sina Weibo with $586 million, according to sources close to the deal, after the completion of this deal, Alibaba will become the second largest shareholder of Sina Weibo and may become the largest shareholder in the future.This deal was supposed to be completed before Chinese Spring Festival, but because Alibaba and Sina had a heated argument about the share holding of Sina Weibo which resulted in substantial delay in the time to complet...

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