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  3 ways to remove duplicates in List

Frequently, we may have an ArrayList which stores many values, and we need to process the ArrayList and get what are the distinct values in the list, or we may want to count occurrence of each value in the ArrayList. We can remove the duplicates in a few ways. Here we propose 3 methods :     public static void main(String[] args){        //SuperClass sub=new SubClass();                String[...

5,172 0 0          JAVA CLEAR LIST DUPLICATE

  Removing duplicates in sql

In modern web development, it’s standard practice to make use of a database abstraction layer, typically an Object-Relational Mapper based on either the Active Record pattern or the Data Mapper pattern. There are several pros and cons to this which are fairly well established, so I’ll spare us all from enumerating them all right now. One established pro worth mentioning is that these systems typically provide a high level interface for fetching data, often removing the need to ‘hand wr...