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  Hello, Kernel!

When we learn module programming, the first small program must be hello, kernel!. For a novice, how do we avoid some mistakes and how to fix the bugs we have when writing the first module program? Is there any example we can refer to? Here is one example. 1. Write the hello.c 01 #include <linux/init.h> 02 #include <linux/module.h> 03 #include <linux/kernel.h> 04 //Compulsory 05 //Module lincese declaration 06 MODULE_LICENSE("GPL"); ...

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  Scala feels like EJB 2, and other thoughts

At Devoxx last week I used the phrase "Scala feels like EJB 2 to me". What was on my mind?ScalaFor a number of years on this blog I've been mentioning a desire to write a post about Scala. Writing such a post is not easy, because anyone who has been paying attention to anti-Scala blog posts will know that writing one is a sure fire way of getting flamed. The Scala community is not tolerant of dissent.But ultimately, I felt that it was important for me to speak out and express my opinions. As I s...