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  Use cases of Java enumeration

JDK 1.5 introduces a new type -- enumeration. In Java, it's just a small feature, but it can bring us much convenience.Here we summarize some use cases of Java enumeration. 1. Constant Prior to JDK 1.5, we can define constant as public static final..., now we can use enumeration to group all constants in one enum variable and it also provides some useful functions. public enum Color {     RED, GREEN, BLANK, YELLOW   }  2.In Swit...

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  30 minutes to fix Java vulnerability

On September 25, Adam Gowdiak from the Polish security consulting firm Security Explorations submitted a Java security vulnerability to Oracle and provided a proof-of-concept. The vulnerability exists in Java 5 6,7, once the user accesses hosted malware site, an attacker can remotely control the infected machine.Gowdiak later got in touch again with Oracle and got the response that the fix has reached the final stage. He can expect the patch in four months later. He eventually unbearable Oracle'...

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  Writing Java codes conforming to coding standard

Recently, I was doing some cleanup to one of my current Java project. I find there are many codes which are not conforming to the Java coding standard. So I list them here and hope that people can improve your codes and write maintainable codes. Format source code and manage imports in Eclipse Eclipse provides functions of auto-formatting and imports management, you can use following shortcuts to use these functions. Ctrl+Shift+F --> Format source code Ctrl+Shift+O -- Manage imports an...

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  3 ways to remove duplicates in List

Frequently, we may have an ArrayList which stores many values, and we need to process the ArrayList and get what are the distinct values in the list, or we may want to count occurrence of each value in the ArrayList. We can remove the duplicates in a few ways. Here we propose 3 methods :     public static void main(String[] args){        //SuperClass sub=new SubClass();                String[...

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  Comparable and comparator in Java

Comparable and comparator are two similar interfaces used to compare objects in Java. When we want to sort a list of objects such as Employee or User etc, we may need to implement these interfaces to make them comparable as we want. However, there are some differences between comparable and comparator interface.ComparableA comparable object is capable of comparing itself with another object. The class itself must implements the java.lang.Comparable interface in order to be able to compare its in...


  Top 10 essential Java classes

When we write Java programs, we will frequently use some classes such as java.lang.String. There are some essential Java classes which we may use frequently, there is no strict rules for the selection of essential Java classes, in fact there are no rules followed. It depends on what projects you are doing or what you have done,, so every one may have his own choices about the top essential Java classes in his mind. Here we list the top 10 essential Java classes you may agree with.1. java.lang.St...

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  Multithreading interview questions in Java

Multithreading as a widespread programming and execution model allows multiple threads to exist within the context of a single process. These threads share the process' resources but are able to execute independently. The threaded programming model provides developers with a useful abstraction of concurrent execution. However, perhaps the most interesting application of the technology is when it is applied to a single process to enable parallel execution on a multiprocessor system.Many programme...


  Google wins the lawsuit against Oracle

According to The Next Web, San Francisco court has made a final decision that Google didn't violate Oracle's Java patent. Although previously some judges and some people in jury said that Google made some mistakes on Java's use. The final decision made by the court saves Google from the charge of Java patent infringement. The next step of this lawsuit was supposed to be the evaluation of the damage and compensation. But now because of court's decision, this step is jumpe...

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