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  Is Java the platform of the future?

I've mentioned before, but I think we are living in a period of time where a bigger explosion of programming languages is occurring than at any time in the past four decades. Having lived through a number of the classic languages such as BASIC, Simula, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, C, C++ and Java, I can understand why people are fascinated with developing new ones: whether it's compiled versus interpreted, procedural versus functional, languages optimised for web development or embedded devices,...

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  The several flavors of random in Java

Random number generation is one of most basic features in any programming language. The basic utilization is always the same: generate a random number between 0 and 1. With such a simple resource at hand we sometimes overlook some interesting features. What do we learn from the books? The most obvious and maybe intuitive way to generate random numbers in Java is simply calling: java.lang.Math.random() Random generation is in the Math utility class with abs, pow, floor...


  10 Object Oriented Design principles Java programmer should know

Object Oriented Design Principles are core of OOPS programming but I have seen most of Java programmer chasing design patterns like Singleton pattern , Decorator pattern or Observer pattern but not putting enough attention on Object oriented analysis and design or following these design principles. I have regularly seen Java programmers and developers of various experience level who either doesn't heard about these OOPS and SOLID design principle or simply doesn't know what benefits a particular...


  Java vs F#

Dr Cliff Click of Azul Systems, specialists in manycore JVM systems, recently published a blog post about the performance of Java compared primarily to C and C++ but also discussing C# and .NET. Three of Cliff's comments are of particular interest:Under the heading "Places where C/C++ beats Java for obvious reasons":"Value Types, such as a 'Complex' type require a full object in Java." - Dr Cliff ClickWhat Cliff forgot to mention is that .NET also provides value types and a far more compell...

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  What's Wrong with the For Loop

Closures in Java are a hot topic of late. A few really smart people are drafting a proposal to add closures to a future version of the language. However, the proposed syntax and the linguistic addition are getting a lot of push back from many Java programmers. Today, Elliotte Rusty Harold posted his doubts about the merits of closures in Java. Specifically, he asks "Why Hate the for Loop?": I don’t know what it is some people have against for loops that they’re so eager to get rid o...


  Java Sequential IO Performance

Many applications record a series of events to file-based storage for later use.  This can be anything from logging and auditing, through to keeping a transaction redo log in an event sourced design or its close relative CQRS.  Java has a number of means by which a file can be sequentially written to, or read back again.  This article explores some of these mechanisms to understand their performance characteristics.  For the scope of this article I will be using pre-a...


  10 Points about Java heap memory

When I started java programming I didn't know what is java heap or what is heap space in Java, I was even not aware of where does object in Java gets created, it’s when I started doing professional programming I came across error java.lang.outofmemoryerror then I realized What is Heap in Java or Java Heap Space. Its happens with most of programmer because learning language is easy but learning basics is difficult since there is no formal process which can teach you every basics of programm...

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  Lisp: It's Not About Macros, It's About Read

Note: the examples here only work with outlet lisp. Refer to your version of lisp/scheme’s documentation for how read works (and possibly other forms) I know it’s an old post by now, but something about the article Why I love Common Lisp and hate Java, part II rubbed me the wrong way. The examples just aren’t that good. The usage of macros is plain baffling, when a function would have been fine. The author admits this, but still does it. There’s a follow-up post which focuses more on ...

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