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  Alibaba pays all cash to acquire Youku Tudou

Alibaba announced that it had signed the agreement to acquire "China's YouTube" YouKu Tudou on November 6 Beijing Time. This deal will make Alibaba the leading entertainment and media company in China. The highlight of this deal is that Alibaba will pay all cash. When this acquisition is completed, shareholders from Youku Tudou can get cash with $27.60 per ADS. The board has approved this acquisition and they are asking the shareholders to vote to approve this deal. This deal is expected to be ...

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  What will happen after Baidu acquires PPS?

One month ago there was some news that Ai Qiyi would acquire PPS through Baidu Now this has been confirmed, Baidu will spend $400,000,000 on acquiring Shanghai Public Source Network Co., Ltd. (PPS). After completion of the acquisition, Ai Qiyi will likely change the overall content and production line of PPS so that they can complement each other's shortages. Many people are optimistic about this merger, Ai Qiyi can complement its shortage on PC side and PPS can also get more copyrighted film an...