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  Alibaba launches NASA program

On March 9, the China E-Commerce giant Alibaba held its first internal tech conference in its headquarter Hangzhou. During this conference, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, announced a new program code named "NASA" which aims to build up technologies serving 2 billion people in next 20 years by forming independent and powerful R&D department. On March 13, Alibaba formerly announced this program to the public. The research area of this program would include machine learning, chi...

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  Sending message to Slack Incoming Webhook using PHP

Slack is a popular work collaboration tool and it provides many features which help teams collaborate. It has one function which allows sending messages to channels from external source such as your own web service -- Incoming Webhook. This is extremely useful when want to monitor something and get notified when some event occurs and it doesn't require complicated setup. To send messages using Incoming Webhook, a service URL has to be generated on Slack and then the message can be posted to this...


   How to Calculate Distance in Asp.Net MVC with Google Maps

Internet users are vastly dependent on both Google and Bing mapping tools. The API available for developers provides them an ability to add value to the solutions developed by them.There is no such requirement of using everything. There are times when only a snippet can make a big difference to the app users. In this article, development experts will explain how to use Google Maps APIs and help office staff to calculate distance. When a team is travelling for the job, they either ride on...

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  Ruby WinRM undefined method `split' for nil:NilClass

WinRM service is a service provided by Windows to enable remote access a Windows system. It is similar to what SSH is for *nix. And it is frequently used in applications which want to automate process or accessing remote Windows system and perform actions on them. Ruby also provided the WinRM gem which is an implementation of the WinRM service.  When using WinRM gem, one may often want to use :negotiate as the transport protocol for authentication. This transport will negotiate using d...

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  Fix issue "cannot load such file -- bcrypt_ext (LoadError)"

bcrypt() is a sophisticated and secure hash algorithm designed by The OpenBSD project for hashing passwords. The bcrypt Ruby gem provides a simple wrapper for safely handling passwords. However, sometimes the rails application would fail to start after installing the bcrypt gem on Windows. The error would look similar to below. The issue is that it fails to load the bcrypt_ext which is the native built extension, the reason may be the library is wrongly built. To fix this issue, below steps can...


  Australian software engineer got asked algorithm question when entering US

The whole world knows that security and background checks get tighten for people to enter US since Donald Trump took office. But have you ever heard about getting algorithm question asked during the immigration check interview while entering United States? Recently an Australian software engineer David Thornton had such an experience when he tried to enter US. (Image from David is a software engineer from Sydney and he is a 24-year-old studied computer sci...


  How to write your own DSL in Ruby

DSL(Domain Specific Language) is a language defined to fulfill some domain specific requirements to ease people's work. It can be used to define attributes and actions of a domain easily and cleanly. And it is often created based on some common observations or micro patterns of some domain. In Ruby world, there are quite a few places people can find DSL. For example, Ruby itself, Chef recipes. To create a class in Ruby, the traditional OOP way would look like. class User @name = nil @email =...

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  Difference between keystore and truststore

Security has become a vital concern in most of the online transactions nowadays. Lots of the world's most popular websites have adopted security protocols to transfer data, especially sensitive data. These security protocols including SSL/TLS which are using the private/public key exchange mechanism to establish secure connections.  The private/public key cryptography is a really important invention and it allows data to be transferred securely and solves the big problem of transferrin...