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  5 Modern Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

Without even a pinch of doubt, the labor market across the globe has turned highly competitive. So, there goes a rat race where the best recruiters vie to hire the most potential candidates. Let's say you need to hire Java developers. Certainly, your hiring challenge would be to find applicants with niche skills. Sadly enough, the traditional hiring methods are detrimental to getting the creme of the talent pool. It's time-consuming and involves a lot of manual and paperwork, wherein there are c...

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  How iPhone App Developers Will Get Benefited by iOS 11?

At Apple WWDC 2017, the CEO Tim Cook introduced the next generation of iOS, i.e., iOS 11. Various improvements and innovations included in iOS 11 were discussed. And what one can say from the whole is that this year’s WWDC keynote was more developer-oriented than user-oriented. It was, indeed, an assistance to the iPad and iPhone app developers to create more innovative mobile apps, and serve users for lifetime.  If you are an iOS app developer or working at an iPhone app development...


  How to install Oracle database on Linux using response file

There are two ways to install Oracle database on Linux :1). Using GUI; 2). Using response file. In this post, the method for using response file will be introduced. To install Oracle, please first get the Oracle database installation file ready. It can be downloaded from Oracle OTN. You need to have an Oracle account before you can download them. And there are three major components of the Oracle database installation : 1). The installation itself; 2). The network configuration; 3). Database cre...


  How Google Utilizes Big Data for SERP

Google is an expert when it comes to big data. This is evident in their development of various techniques and open source tools which are used by the big data industry professionals. These tools and technique allow Google to sift through millions of different websites and enormous amounts of data in order to provide users with correct answers in a matter of milliseconds. But how does Google accomplish that with such precision? To answer that, we need to focus on the complex activities that go o...

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  The latest on Java-on-Java: the Oracle experiment that is gaining momentum

What is Project Metropolis? The not so hush-hush Project Metropolis is all set to implement Java on itself – popularly known in the developer community as Java-on-Java. Oracle has released updates on its progress, and they are very encouraging. The project will focus on building a JIT (just in time) compiler that is written in Java. It is being touted as the experimental clone of JDK (Java Development Kit) 10.  Work on ‘ahead of time’ compiling and Graal compiler is also i...

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  How Do You Find the Best Password Managers?

Looking for a smart way to protect your range of electronic devices? Most of us access tons of websites and it could be difficult to store our passwords. It is important to not reuse store passwords that are easily identifiable. Keeping your information secure is more important than ever. Data breaches can occur anytime and sometimes takes months to discover. Sometimes, maybe, they aren’t. Target is a data breach, for instance, took months to discover. Information was leaked online from ce...

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  How Digital Technology is Transforming Healthcare?

Digitalization is the trendsetter for every industry. Healthcare has also been greatly influenced by digital technology. In fact technology has greatly improved the working of healthcare organization and in turn, outcomes of healthcare services have risen to new heights. This is not an overnight dream but result of immense hard work and efforts done by IT industry. The amalgamation of IT and healthcare has yielded a new era of healthcare that is quick and more reliable as compared to olden days...


  Benefits and Drawback of a Layered Architecture

Most enterprises today are application centric. But the problem with the application is that their database schemas, user interfaces, programming interfaces and object models are tightly coupled and difficult to change. If you want to add a new field to a database table and you’re lucky, the change will reflect through the entire system. But often the change needs to be replicated manually across the entire system. And as applications are difficult to change, adding business rules or proce...