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  The basics of Client/Server socket programming

  While Client/Server communication model is ubiquitous nowadays, most of them involve socket programming knowledge. In this post, I will introduce some rudimentary aspects of it: (1) Short/Long-lived TCP connection.Short-lived TCP connection refers to following pattern: Client creates a connection to server; send message, then close the connection. If Client wants to transmit information again, repeat the above steps. Because establishing and destroying TCP s...

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  New Features to Look Out for in Xcode 9

When we say Xcode, we mean a designing toolset which is completely packed with features. Using this Xcode, developers can create applications for platforms such as the Apple TV, the iPad, Apple Watch, and the iPhones and even for the Macintosh. The development system for Xcode has a mixture of features. These are called the instrument analysis tool, simulators, and the ever important OS frameworks which are present in the package in a variety of form of tvOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, and the...

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  Guide to Help Launch Your Startup Faster

You try, you fail you learn you succeed. It is not as easy as it seems to be because startup is not just an idea; it is a series of processes. Turning the idea into a profitable business and leading all the way through cannot be achieved overnight. An astounding 90% of startups fail to lift their business off the ground. While only a few manage to achieve success and survive for many years. The reason for failure is that most of the entrepreneurs do not know how to take business from start to e...


  Fast tracking android app development with optimum delivery.

Most Android developers nowadays are faced with challenges of delivering optimum feature/product in due time. Most developers believe working hard will ensure their success in getting this actionable result, howbeit, working smart is the ground to get this done.   working smart brings productivity while working too hard might resolve to frustration. In this article, we will be looking at some basic tips to working smart as an android developer in order to: Fasten up your nex...

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  The concept of Iterative Model in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The iterative model implemented in any Software Development Life Cycle is all about an initial, simplified implementation which may or may not gain more complexity in future. Furthermore, it is can even be called as a broader feature set until and unless the final system is accomplished. Now while discussing the model, chances are there that he concept of incremental development will also often be used liberally and interchangeably. This means incremental alterations made during the design and i...


  Who’s the winner: Python vs. Java, C/C++?

If there is one debate that never dies in the language community then it is this: Who’s the winner: Python Vs Java, C/C++. Obviously each has its own pros and cons, but in which language do the pros outnumber the cons or which language has better cons than others! For some it just comes down to familiarity, they like what they like!   The Numbers  But as far as the rest of the language world goes, the debate is still out there. By last count, Java, C and C++ were still winning. A...


  Microsoft Azure Functions the Future of Business Computing

Introduction This article provides a quick high-level overview of Microsoft Azure Functions with a practical example of how to create, compile and debug an Azure Function using Visual Studio 2017 v15.3, using BlobTrigger function type & C# as language. For novice Cloud developers, aspiring Cloud architects, Pre-sales consultants, and all other IT professionals associated with the Cloud computing, especially with Microsoft Azure, this tutorial would explain working of Microsoft Azure Function...


  Use pdb to help understand python program

  As I have mentioned in Why do I need a debugger?: (3) Debugger is a good tool to help you understand code. So when I come across difficulty to understand code in bcc project, I know it is time to resort to pdb, python's debugger, to help me. The thing which confuses me is here: counts = b.get_table("counts") for k, v in sorted(counts.items(), key=lambda counts: counts[1].value): print("%-16x %-26s %8d" % (k.ip, b.ksym(k.ip), v.val...

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