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  Concise bash programming skills

The following are some concise bash programming skills which we may need in our daily programming work. 1. Check status of command execution The usual way: echo abcdee | grep -q abcd   if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo "Found" else echo "Not found" fi Concise way: if echo abcdee | grep -q abc; then echo "Found" else echo "Not found" fi Of course you can remove if...else with following code [Sun Nov 04 05:58 AM] [kodango@devops] ~/workspace $ echo abcdee | grep -q ...

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  9 reasons to use Zsh

Like majority *nix users, I have been using bash for many years. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with bash. I tried use some other shells as well such as ksh, tcsh and zsh which I am going to talk about. A few days ago, I found an open source project ranking in the 6th named oh-my-zsh on Github, I downloaded it and had a try with it. It's amazing. We should use zsh to replace bash now. Why do we need to use zsh? Here is a 4 minutes YouTube video which shows many reasons why we should switch from ...

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  Using msmtp to replace sendmail

sendmail is a mail client in Linux with many vulnerabilities and tedius configuration steps, many system administrators have disabled using it. Then how do we know what happens if a crontab script executes with error? Actually there are some replacements for sendmail, one is ssmtp, but this application is no longer maintained, we even cannot find its source code on Google. Fortunately, we can use msmtp to replace sendmail. The address : 1. Installation After downloa...


  Install Open webOS on Linux

HP has just released its first beta version of the webOS, It is said the user experience of webOS is quite impressive, so I immediately had it installed on my PC. There are two versions of Beta release,one embedded version and one Ubuntu version. I briefly share my installation experience of webOS in Linux. In the official document, it says "By 'Linux' we mean 'Ubuntu Linux'", it doesn't support server version and 64 bit version of Ubuntu. Here I use Mint 13. 1. Clone source code from github Add...


  Understand diff in Unix

diff is an important tool program in Unix. It is used to compare differences of two files, it is the foundation for code version control. If you type : $ diff <file_before_change> <file_after_change> diff will tell you what's the difference between these two files. The result may not be so easy to understand, so now I will show you how to understand diff. 1. 3 formats of diff diff has 3 formats due to historic reasons. normal diff context diff unified diff 2. Demo files For easy d...


  Some measures for improving Linux server security

The hackers often exploit server weakness to gain access control to some servers. With a scanner, aimlessly looking undefended host, backdoor, control, and sold to people in need. Some basic security measures can be taken on Linux servers to avoid being attacked by hackers. Disable root remote login As the default administrative account, root is the account which is most likely to be attacked.Disabling ssh remote login is necessary. Method: Edit / etc / ssh / sshd_config PermitRootLogin no At t...


  My frequently used Linux commands

In our day to day work. We may have many chances working on Linux/Unix systems. There are many things we may need to do, checking logs, navigating in directories, creating file or installing software. We may use many commands to complete the work, such as ls, mkdir, cd etc. Below are my frequently used Linux commands or programs recently: pwd : print working directory, sometimes I need to check which working directory I am in in order to know where to go next. ls : List current directory files,...

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  Configure a PHP web server on CentOS

Are you used to use cPanel or Plesk on VPS for your PHP website management? If for some reason you don't want to use them? What can you do? How do you maintain your website? How do you access Emails, use FTP to upload files or use phpMyAdmin to manage your databases? You may need to configure all these services yourself on a VPS without cPanel or Plesk or other similar apps.But to configure all these services on a Linux server is not an easy job. You may spend many nights but still fail to get s...