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  The Internet : from 1969-1974

Internet was born 43 years ago. There are some big events in the history of Internet development. In my opinion, most of the big events happened at the first five years, i.e, from 1969-1974.  1969 : ARPANETThe Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), was the world's first operational packet switching network and the core network of a set that came to compose the global Internet. The first ARPANET transmission was between Stanford Research Institute and UCLA on 29th, October 1969...

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  Use of mouse (entertainment)

What will you do after you buy a new mouse? Will you throw your old mouse away? Actually, we can reuse our old mouse and make some beautiful products with our unused mouse. Here are some pictures about the use of mouse.Original author : 阮一峰 Source :

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  Instagram gains 78% more visits after acquired by Facebook

Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, its popularity continually heats up. Some  data shows that independent views of  Instagram surges 78%.In April, Instagram’s website saw a 78 percent uptick in unique visitors in the U.S., making the web property of the photo-sharing phenom the highest gaining site on the Internet for the month, according to analytics firm comScore.. For an application whose all functions are present in the mobile terminal, the site of Instagram is only use...


  Symbian is dead

Although Nokia has repeatedly indicated that it will give up Symbian, but no one thought their actions would be so fast. This morning, some people from Nokia Italy said Symbian's life will be ended prematurely. The source revealed some information of Symbian's future.  The Nokia 808 will be equipped with the Symbian Belle FP1 system, Nokia will soon provide updates to this hand phone with Symbian Belle FP2, the platform will no longer receive any updates there after..Of course, this also me...

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  Microsoft is to release Office for iPad and Android

Microsoft plans to release Office series software on iPad and Android based tablets this November. This application's loading screen shows "Office for iOS" on iPad, this may indicate that it may also be compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. The Office series software will also be available on Android at the same time. Some details about this application are still unknown, such as price and features. Last November there was news showed that Microsoft was developing Office for iOS. Micr...


  Chrome overtakes IE as the No.1 browser

According to data from market research company StartCounter, by May 2012, Chrome has overtakes IE as the No. 1 web browser globally. Firefox and Safari is following IE to be 3rd and 4th most popular web browser.In May, market share of Chrome is 33%, while IE only gets 32%. Firefox is slowly dropping, which has a share of 25%.  However, with release date of Windows 8 approaching, IE 10 will also be shipped with Win8, at that time, the number of users who use IE may increase because according...

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  Not better, but different

The most important feature of Apple products is usability--Simple, aesthetic, easy to use.Their products may not necessarily the most powerful, but they usually are the easiest to use. Following picture show a Mac (left) and a PC(right), which one looks better?Many products are trying to mimic these features, but one problem comes out:It's hard to keep a product simple while providing so many new features.If you continuously add new features to your product,  your product will become more c...


  Disposable Email address

There is one statement which says Giving out your email address is like starting a relationship. What happens when you want to break up?Once you gave out your email address, you may take the risk of receiving big amount of junk emails. However, when we register on some websites, we must provide our Email address to receive authentication emails. If we cannot receive the authentication email, we cannot finish the registration process. Is there any alternative way?We can use disposable email, i.e,...