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  Ruby net-scp cannot scp multiple files with asterisk(*)

net-ssh/net-scp is a Ruby gem which can be used to scp files between different *nix machines. It's similar to how the *nix scp command. It can be used to scp a file or a directory. However, it seems it has some problem to scp multiple files using pattern *. For example, below script is supposed to download all files from remote directory to local directory: require 'net/scp' host = 'testmachine' login = 'testaccount' password = "testpassword" remote_path = '/tmp/remote...


  Resolve stylesheet_link_tag fails to work in Ruby on Rails

When developing Ruby On Rails application, developers sometimes will see an unexpected behavior where the application cannot be loaded due to "TypeError: Object doesn't support this property or method" when invoking stylesheet_link_tag. The symptom looks like  And the Rails log will show something similar to below The error occurs because there is some problem finding the correct assets which are located in app/assets. To resolve the issue, you can following below steps. Add gem 'coffee-...


  How to Choose the Right Ruby on Rails Hosting Platform

Over the last decade, Ruby on Rails has become an increasingly popular framework for web-based apps. At its beginnings, hosting Rails was a real challenge and required a fair amount of relevant know-how. Nowadays, there are dozens of hosting platforms that provide cheap and accessible services for building and deploying Rails apps. In general, the choice of hosting should be based on your requirements and technical skills – some platforms are much more difficult to handle than others. Here...

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  6 Reasons Why Devs Should Learn Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has during the last ten years become an increasingly popular framework for web app development. The current shaky economy and rapidly changing tech environment requires the art of app building to be faster and more cost-effective. That's why becoming fluent in Rails might be a great way for developers to expand their knowledge, which can land them a number of great jobs or interesting projects, as well as grant access to a thriving community. Let's start with the basics – wha...

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  World of Father of Ruby

"I am Yukihiro Matsumoto, I believe keyboard can change the world" is a video about Father of Ruby -- Yukihiro Matsumoto. This video introduces us a father, a husband rather than a programmer. Yukihiro Matsumoto shared his understanding about programming in this video. Computer is not quite smart, it cannot understand human languages, so if we want computers to complete jobs we assign to them, then we need something both human beings and computers can understand. That's why we have program...

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  Gracefully exiting from console programs in Ruby

Imagine you write a CLI program or a Rake task which loops through some data performing some work on it. You run it and then you remembered something. You’d love to kill the process with ctrl-c, but that will raise an exception somewhere in the loop. What you want is for the iteration to complete and then you want the program to quit. You could handle the Interrupt exception or add some conditions. But how about a cleaner and reusable way? No problem - you can trap signals, which mean...


  Never create Ruby strings longer than 23 characters

Looking at things through a microscopesometimes leads to surprising discoveries Obviously this is an utterly preposterous statement: it’s hard to think of a more ridiculous and esoteric coding requirement. I can just imagine all sorts of amusing conversations with designers and business sponsors: “No… the size of this <input> field should be 23… 24 is just too long!” Or: “We need to explain to users that their subject lines should be less than 23 letters…” O...


  I don’t like the Ruby 1.9 hash syntax

There, I said it, I don’t like it. And I don’t know why you do either. I assume you like it anyway, everyone else I talk to seems to. My heart sank over and over again whilst I was at the recent RailsConf and saw respected rubyist after respected rubyist using the new Ruby 1.9 hash syntax in their presentations. I just don’t get it. But I’m not one to just moan. I plan to justify my feelings. Then maybe you can tell me why you do like it? My friend the hash rocket I like the hash rocket...

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